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Oct 2nd, 2012

"I struggled with feelings of disappointment, rage, guilt, failure and anger for months afterwards.  I struggled with postpartum depression. One of my closest friends had a baby five months after I did, when my grief was still fresh in my mind.  Her pregnancy had not been planned, but was welcomed just the same. She had an all-natural water birth, just as she had hoped for, and I remember sobbing at the perceived injustice of it all.  Why did she get to have a natural birth?  She wasn’t even sure if she wanted kids in the first place!"

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Mar 6th, 2012

Client Testimonial

My husband and I hired Jennifer back in November as we were looking for a complete natural birth. Since we interviewed her, we were  sure that she was the person that we were looking.

Through the following months, she visited us at home discussing a variety of topics. Not only had she reviewed with us what would happen during birth but also breastfeeding, baby care and relaxation. In fact, one of the best conversations that we had was when Jennifer opened a discussion between my husband and I about the people that we wanted staying at our house during the first months of our daughter (we are both from out the DC Metro area). This has been quite a sensitive topic during the pregnancy and Jennifer was an excellent mediator during that dialogue.

As my due date got close, I had problems with my baby being breech. Jennifer helped me with several materials that guided me to turn the baby. At the end, my water broke (unexpectedly) at work and Jennifer was the first person I called (even before my doctor!). At the end, I had to have a C-section. Even under these circumstances, Jennifer came to the hospital right away. She arrived probably about an hour after I called her. She stayed with us for good 12 hours explaining the process, checking on my possible contractions, keeping me relaxed during the multiple exams and, overall, being the friend and relative that my husband and I did not have present at the moment. Right after I had my baby Jennifer was on top, helping me with breastfeeding and bonding which was quite a job as I was coming back from general anesthesia.

Two weeks later, she came to my house and kept helping me with breastfeeding and baby care. My daughter and I had some breastfeeding issues but with Jennifer’s help we solved them right away.

Again, I totally recommend her.  If I decide to get pregnant again (hopefully a VBAC), she will be my doula without any doubt!

To read more testimonials, click on the “testimonials” link at the bottom of this post, or view them on my DoulaMatch profile.

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